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T Shirts – Toddler And Youth Sizes

T Shirts – Toddler and Youth Sizes
• Mostly toddler sizes, some youth sizes.
• Assorted short sleeve, crew neck t shirts/ assorted colors and sizes.
• Packed in bulk- Folded by color and style, not polybagged, or individually folded,
packed In boxes, screen print folded
• 100% cotton ringspun / toddler size (some youth sizes) /short sleeve/crew neck tees
• LTL, approx. ½ of a 53-foot trailer
• Why is it being sold? Style Change
• First Run/ less than 6 months.2023 production
Retail price per unit – $4.20
Cost:$1.70 each
Qty:55,000 units
Email id: Hajisalim at globalplayersintl dot com
+91 9819246785/Whatsapp
take all.

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